(a.k.a. T12)

Long ago in much more prosperous times, perhaps the inhabitants of Aerthol found entertainment in mortal combat at nearby Arena Isle. Since then, the arena has fallen into disrepair and is now only visited by travelers wishing to test their mettle against the ghosts who still long for victory. Visitors to Aerthol may also be wishing to find treasure at the Coral Wreckage, but not if pirates or overgrown sea lions get their way. Equipment from levels 60-64 are sold in the Aerthol shops.


The Armory
Armors and Shields

The Pet Store
Whips, Aura Gems, White Gems, and Pets

The Magic Shop
Potions, Staves, Death and Psych Magic Gems

The General Store
Weapons, Tradeskill Tools, Travel Gear, and Resins

The Inn
Bows, Quivers, Arrows and Green Gems

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