Starting Stats
Strength 105
Dexterity 95
Physical Stamina 103
Intelligence 95
Concentration 95
Mental Stamina 113
Agility 97
Contravention 104
Durability 102
Physical Resilience 100
Mental Resilience 100
Regeneration 103
Stats Experience Adjustments
Melee +10%
Magic -23%
Defense +20%
Recovery +0%

The alcoholic is a stuttering fool surviving day to day on the chance that the other idiots he picks fights with will be weaker than he. Constantly drunk and thus constantly fighting, the alcoholic has - against all odds - become a fighter capable of going many rounds of combat without ever tiring. Some might argue this is merely because he is too stupid to realize. In any case being in a constant inhibitionless state has its advantages since alcoholics start with a 33% (up to 99% with class-enhancing skills) chance to be buzzed instead of dazed and a 5% (up to 15%) bonus to potion effects -- In game description

Strategy and Builds Edit

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Solo Play Edit

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Group Play Edit

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