Aura of Reflection
The Aura of Reflection is a beneficial Blue Magic aura that reflects a small amount of damage done to you or to a friendly target back to your attacker. In other words, damage done to you is decreased by a certain amount, and this same amount is removed from your attacker's hitpoint pool. This aura protects against direct damage gem, melee, ranged attack and pet damage, but not against damage-over-time gems and effects. Higher rank Aura of Reflection gems reflect increasing amounts of damage. The Palisade skill can boost the effectiveness of the Aura of Reflection. The effects of the Aura of Reflection overlap with the effects of the Damage Negation Aura and the Aura of Thorns. If the Aura of Reflection and either of those two auras are in play, the stronger effects will prevail.

All Aura of Reflection gems can be purchased in the Pet Stores of specific towns, shown below.

Gem (Rank) Type Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Skill
Effect Town
Aura of Reflection (01) Aura 220 55 0.01 Uncommon Blue Magic
0 0 DD/AD reflect=1 T3 (Fenelia)
Aura of Reflection (02) Aura 1,450 362 0.01 Uncommon Blue Magic
0 0 DD/AD reflect=2 T5 (Burdinia)
Aura of Reflection (03) Aura 3,450 862 0.01 Uncommon Blue Magic
0 0 DD/AD reflect=3 T2 (Stronhad)
Aura of Reflection (04) Aura 6,430 1,607 0.01 Uncommon Blue Magic
0 0 DD/AD reflect=4 T8 (Dreval)
Aura of Reflection (05) Aura 11,840 2,960 0.01 Uncommon Blue Magic
0 0 DD/AD reflect=5 T10 (Crella)
Aura of Reflection (06) Aura 19,060 4,765 0.01 Uncommon Blue Magic
0 0 DD/AD reflect=6 T13 (Reydor)
Aura of Reflection (07) Aura 25,930 6,482 0.01 Uncommon Blue Magic
0 0 DD/AD reflect=7 T14 (Dorfellia)
Aura of Reflection (08) Aura 25,930 6,482 0.01 Uncommon Blue Magic
0 0 DD/AD reflect=8 T15 (Ustenar)
Aura of Reflection (09) Aura 45,998 11,497 0.01 Uncommon Blue Magic
0 0 DD/AD reflect=10 T16 (Fa'ar)

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