Starting Stats
Strength 102
Dexterity 99
Physical Stamina 102
Intelligence 98
Concentration 99
Mental Stamina 106
Agility 102
Contravention 99
Durability 102
Physical Resilience 104
Mental Resilience 101
Regeneration 98
Stats Experience Adjustments
Melee +0%
Magic +0%
Defense -9%
Recovery +10%

A classical beastmaster takes up a two handed sword and charges into battle in a loincloth accompanied by his two lion companions with regard only for the life of his four legged friends. In reality a beastmaster's role is extremely varied with only a slight preference toward melee combat. The one common thread shared by all beastmasters is the ability to befriend and inspire otherwise untameable creatures to accomplish great feats in combat. Beastmaster begin with a 8% (up to 24% with class-enhancing skills) bonus to all pet attacks and heals. -- In game description

Strategy and Builds Edit

Beastmasters start incredibly slowly, and only really come into their own past level 40. Whips use a similar build to slashing weapons, and its quite common for them to start off using slashers, only switching to whips past level 25-30. By level 25, you should be getting up to petmanship 30 (using 2 pets at once), and using dual whips from then on. Past level 40, the most critical new skill is Fire and Ice. Once you have this raised close to 40, you will be able to use purely attack pets, and get enough heals from them.

Beastmasters are never particularly fast at farming, but another thing that can speed them up is the Rabid aura gem. This improves attack damage, but at the expense of all pet heals. A recognized tactic is to farm 3-5 fights with Rabid on, and then remove it to heal up for 2-3 fights.

Solo Play Edit

Insert solo play specific strategy tips and builds here.

Group Play Edit

Insert group play specific strategy tips and builds here.

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