Description: Every point in this skill provides a 0.13% to 0.25% chance (depending on your combined STR and AGI) to block all melee, ranged, and direct damage attacks when auto attacking and using a shield.

Blocking skill is a Protection skill available when you first start the game as a new character in Nodiatis. Not only does it increase your chance to block, as the description says, Blocking skill is required to equip various shields, with generally better shields requiring higher Blocking skill. This skill can be raised by sacrificing combat trophies to the Altar of the Shield outside of the church in every town, or by passively learning it.


There are multiple stats and skills that increase the probability of blocking an incoming attack, although certain stats are more important than others.

To achieve the highest chance of blocking, you will need to have the class bonus for the Guardian, which is increased by Class Enhancement and Class Specialization.

Strength and Agility are both used when calculating the chance to block.