Every point in this skill increases the effect of your innate class bonuses (not to be confused with class experience bonuses and penalties) by 1% effectively tripling the bonuses at a skill of 100 assuming Class Enhancement is also maxed.

For more information about how this specifically pertains to your class, look up your Class Bonuses and Class Enhancement. Every level in Class Specialization takes your current total Class Bonus and multiplies it by an extra 1% (or, in effect, x 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, etc., up to 2). The tooltip itself can be slightly misleading; people read "triple" and somehow come to the conclusion that it is tripling their CE bonus, or some other number...what is being Tripled is your Class Bonus, and *only* if CS and CE are BOTH maxed to 100.
Confused yet? Understandable. The simple way of looking at it is this: grab your calculator, and multiply your Class Enhancement Skill Levels (let's say, oh...50) by 0.5.

~50 x 0.5 = 25

This is the percentage of your base Class Bonus that you're currently receiving. (Let's go with 5% as a base bonus, that covers a lot of us.)

~5% x 25% = 1.25

Okay, so you get 1.25 added onto your Class Bonus, or 6.25. Seems rather paltry, doesn't it. Well, it doesn't have to be, because that's where Class Specialization comes in! File away that 6.25(%), you'll need to remember that.

Now multiply how many ranks of CS you have. This one is easy, you can just say 1.X, where X = the number of ranks you have (i.e., 1.01, 1.10, 1.50, etc). This number is what you multiply that previous number (6.25) by to reach your total Class Bonus. Let's assume you have 20 ranks in CS.

~6.25 x 1.20 = 7.5.

There you have it, with 50 ranks in CE and 20 in CS, you've gained exactly 2.5% on top of your starting 5%. Fun fun. Not exactly an outstanding leap in ability increases, but it's still beneficial. So...have fun with the math.

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