Continuous Replenishing Gems enable a player to recover hitpoints, energy or mana for as long as the gem is active, and sufficient energy or mana is available to maintain the recovery if required. They are like the healing/recovery equivalent of recastable direct damage gems, including having a set delay period between recasts, with the automatic activation similar to that of Aura Gems. In other words, once the continuous replenishing gems are placed in an active gem slot, they do not need to be clicked on to be used. As long as sufficient energy or mana is available to power them, they will function indefinitely, perhaps even "never-ending." Once you lack the appropriate pool or the gem is no longer in play, the recovery wears off. Note that there are gems available that restore hitpoints, energy, and mana without consuming anything. However these gems replenish at a slower rate, compared to the replenish rate of a gem that actually consumes something. Some continuous replenishing gems have the highest efficiency in replenishing hitpoints, energy or mana, but the rate of replenishing is the slowest of all replenishing gems. The Eternity skill can boost the effectiveness of all continuous replenishing gems.

Gems are available to transfer points from any of the three pools to either of the other two. All gems in this category are single-target, but can be used on any party member including yourself. If these gems are active while you are under the effect of Daze, it is possible for the gem's actions to work on the enemy, replenishing some of the enemy's hitpoints, energy or mana.

List of Continuous Replenishing GemsEdit

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