Damage-Over-Time (DoT) Gems cause the afflicted enemy to lose hitpoints, energy or mana over a period of time, instead of all in one shot. This is readily apparent as a stream of red numbers, or of negative green and blue numbers begins to rise from your enemy. There are five types of hitpoint DoT effects: Bleeding, Burning, Diseased, Forsaken, and Poisoned. All DoT gem effects stack regardless of the type of effect, or rank or strength of the effect. The rate of hitpoint loss for a given DoT effect is calculated by weighted average. All DoT gems are once-per-draw and single-target only.

Typically, DoT gems have the highest damage-to-energy and damage-to-mana ratios of all gems, but the downside is that sometimes long periods of time are required for the DoT gem to have its full effect. Different magic colors have different damage amounts over different time amounts, with slightly different proportions of energy and mana consumed, so players can take their pick of DoT gems to suit their needs.

Although your Intelligence can boost the damage of your direct damage gem, that stat has no effect on the damage of your DoT gem. Currently the Dark Patience and Deathflow skills can boost the damage output of a DoT gem, but high Concentration helps with lowering resist rates. The Hasten Demise skill maintains a DoT gem's overall damage, but decreases the time over which the damage is done, allowing for faster kills.

List of Damage-Over-Time GemsEdit

  • Bleeding (Green Magic) Bleeding Status
    • Roots of Vengeance - also has chance of inflicting prevent escape aura
    • Phlebotomize (Epic) - also has chance of inflicting prevent escape aura. More powerful version of Roots of Vengeance.

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