Defense skills consist of three attributes: Agility, Contravention, and Durability. These can be increased by leveling up the Defense stat.

Agility (Agi) Edit

Agility is the friend of those who wish to avoid taking physical punishment. It aids in causing your opponent to miss more frequently with all types of physical attacks including ranged and aids partially along with dexterity and strength in your ability to parry and block. Agility also plays a major role in the lesser used (because only a fool goes into combat unarmed) hand to hand form of combat.

Contravention (Cnt) Edit

For more information specific to magic resistance, refer to main article Magic Defense.

Contravention should not be overlooked by anyone who will be the target of spells or arrows. It partially aids in avoiding ranged attacks but more importantly is the sole factor in resisting enemy spells and even lowers their chance of doing full direct damage. You will need skills that give you spell resists before you are able to resist any spells, however, since contravention modifies their effect.

Durability (Dur) Edit

Durability is the measure of a player's ability to take punishment and survive. Its sole purpose is to increase your hitpoints and will do so at an increasing rate at higher levels.

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