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The Desert Dunes extend west from the town of T13 (Reydor) all the way to the southwestern ocean.

Desert Dunes-Map

Desert Dunes Statistics Edit

Suggested Level: 74+
Minimum Level to Enter: 48
Required Travel Gear to Traverse: Stillsuit

Number of squares in Desert Dunes: 106

T13 (Reydor)
Desert Flats
Ocean of Sorrow
Great Plateau

Bestiary and Trophy Statistics Edit

Magic used by monsters/boss in zone: Life Magic

Trophy Percentage: 25% combat, 75% spirit

Monsters and Trophies:
(Note: Trophies listed first for each monster are required by the Seer's Collection Quests)

  • Desert Mummy (Level 73)
    Desert Mummy

  • Goblet of Dehydration Goblet of Dehydration (Combat +8,750, Weight: 548 sand)
  • Neverdrier Cloth Neverdrier Cloth (Spirit +8,750, Weight: 705 sand)
  • Two-Headed Asp (Level 74)
    Two-Headed Asp

  • Asp Rattle Asp Rattle (Spirit +8,900, Weight: 861 sand)
  • Hooded Asp Eye Hooded Asp Eye (Spirit +8,900, Weight: 1 rock 18 sand)

Boss LocationEdit

Boss: Spider Cactus (Level 75)
Spider Cactus

Desert Dunes Boss


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