Devampiric Mana Aura
The Devampiric Mana Aura is a Black Magic detrimental aura that calculates a percentage of your enemy's direct damage gem, melee and ranged attack damage of each hit and gives that amount of mana to you. The mana given is rounded to the nearest whole number such that 0.50 is rounded up, and 1.49 is rounded down. Higher rank Devampiric Mana Aura gems give more mana. This aura has an energy counterpart: the Devampiric Energy Aura.

All Devampiric Mana Aura gems can be purchased in the Pet Stores of certain towns, shown below.

Gem (Rank) Type Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Skill
Effect Town
Devampiric Mana Aura (01) Aura 10 2 0.01 Uncommon Black Magic
0 0 4% enemy DD, attack damage into +target mana T1 (Castille)
Devampiric Mana Aura (02) Aura 1,920 480 0.01 Uncommon Black Magic
0 0 5% enemy DD, attack damage into +target mana T5 (Burdinia)
Devampiric Mana Aura (03) Aura 9,720 2,430 0.01 Uncommon Black Magic
0 0 6% enemy DD, attack damage into +target mana T9 (Slevisk)
Devampiric Mana Aura (04) Aura 24,950 6,237 0.01 Uncommon Black Magic
0 0 7% enemy DD, attack damage into +target mana T7 (Roggork)
Devampiric Mana Aura (05) Aura 47,680 11,920 0.01 Uncommon Black Magic
0 0 8% enemy DD, attack damage into +target mana T16 (Fa'ar)

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