Direct Damage (DD) Gems are used for magical attacks on an enemy to reduce his hitpoints in one shot as opposed to gradually over time. Some DD gems affect one enemy, whereas other DD gems affect all enemies simultaneously and are of benefit in player vs. player combat. DD gems come in all magical colors, but can be assigned to two broad categories depending on how they're used: once-per-draw (OPD) or recastable. OPD DD gems sit in your active gem slots after being drawn, and once you click on them, then one magical attack occurs on the enemy and the gem is returned to your pouch. Recastable DD gems in play fire off one magical attack every time you click on them, but stay in play, thus eliminating the need to wait for that gem to be redrawn in order for you to use them again. However the downside is that there is a minimum cooldown (delay) time between magical attacks for recastable DD gems. In addition, OPD gems typically do more damage or cost less energy/mana than their recastable counterparts. DD gems in general have lower damage-to-energy and damage-to-mana ratios than damage-over-time gems, draining your energy and mana pools more quickly, but you do not have to wait for DD gems to have their full effect. Damage ranges for DD gems tend to be quite large, except for the Blue Magic DD gems.

The damage caused by your DD Gems can be increased with high Intelligence, and enemy DD gem attacks can be weakened if you have high Contravention.

List of Direct Damage GemsEdit

Magic Color OPD Gem (One Enemy) OPD Gem (All Enemies) Recastable Gem (One Enemy) Comments
Black Magic Touch of Death
Deathspike (Epic)
Lay Ruin
Doomsphere (Epic)
Demonic Embraces
Death Whisper (Epic)
Medium damage, medium cost. Costs energy. Damage boosted by Necromancy skill.
Blue Magic Korrsix
Damaging Cantrip
Scurriate (Epic)
Cantrip of Doom (Epic)
Kremalate (Epic)
Kremaltors (Epic)
Deals very predictable (narrow range) medium damage. Costs energy and mana equally. Damage boosted by Inferno skill with staff equipped. Can produce a "machine gun" effect with high Replay skill.
Green Magic Tendrils
Treefall (Epic)
Monsoon (Epic)
Wisp Strike
Sprites (Epic)
High damage, high cost. Deals slightly larger range of damage than White Magic DD gems. Costs mana. Damage boosted by Necromancy skill with staff equipped.
Grey Magic Malign
Impune (Epic)
Lambaste (Epic)
Dereliction (Epic)
Low cost, low damage. Costs mana.
Red Magic Inferno
Lavaburst (Epic)
Lavaflow (Epic)
Daggers of Flame
Kiss of Embers (Epic)
Highest cost, highest damage. Deals more damage than Black Magic DD gems, but costs more. Costs mana. Damage boosted by Inferno skill.
White Magic Heavenspark
Angel Talon (Epic)
Skyfall (Epic)
Radiant Showers
Crystalis (Epic)
High damage, high cost. Deals slightly narrower range of damage than Green Magic DD gems. Costs energy.

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