(a.k.a. T8)

Dreval (alternatively spelled Drevel) is located in the middle of an archipelago in the far northeast. The islands themselves are inhabited by relatively weak pelicans and redbelly birds, but more powerful gorillas roam the area. Perhaps a large monster recently caught from the surrounding waters or the Drevina Sea has been converted into the Dreval Magic Shop? Equipment from levels 39-47 are sold in Dreval's shops.


The Armory
Armors and Shields

The Pet Store
Whips, Aura Gems, White Gems, and Pets

The Magic Shop
Potions, Staves, Death and Psych Magic Gems

The General Store
Weapons, Tradeskill Tools, Travel Gear, and Resins

The Inn
Bows, Quivers, Arrows and Green Gems

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