Starting Stats
Strength 97
Dexterity 102
Physical Stamina 104
Intelligence 102
Concentration 100
Mental Stamina 101
Agility 104
Contravention 99
Durability 101
Physical Resilience 102
Mental Resilience 101
Regeneration 100
Stats Experience Adjustments
Melee +0%
Magic +10%
Defense -13%
Recovery +5%

Excellent at virtually all tasks but masters at none, the druid is a highly adaptable class. Slightly weaker but faster both physically and mentally than an average man, a druid's strength lies in his ability to make use of every weapon and spell to full effect. With but a slight preference toward magic, the druid's melee damage is not to be taken lightly. The druid lives in harmony with nature and thus begins with a 5% (up to 15% with class-enhancing skills) bonus to all green magic effects and can use resurrection gems at level 20. -- In game description

Strategy and Builds Edit

Insert generic strategy tips here.

Solo Play Edit

To get the most out of a druid, you have to remember the adaptibility of the class. You won't last long as a meatshield because of your lower durability and defense, but you won't measure up as a mage either. The key to druid strategy is knowing your strength. If you can get behind an enemy who's fighting an ally, the druids special attack, accessed by pressing shift and F12 at the same time, leaves your opponent afraid for four hours and at a disadvantage when moving around, as well as dealing considerable damage. Because of the relatively quick recharge rate, this is the absolute best way to take advantage of the druid's skillset.

Group Play Edit

Insert group play specific strategy tips and viable builds here.

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