Gate Potion

Description: This potion returns you to the last town you have visited when consumed. Starting at level 10 and every 10 levels after that 1 extra potion is required to get the intended effect except for certain classes.

Cost: 100 (0)
Weight: 250 sand
Rarity: Rare
Prereq: None
Delay: Instant
Item Type: Consumable Potion

Gate potions instantly return you to the last town you visited, saving you the rested time and hassle of having to walk all the way back to town, or alternatively dying. For the effect to work, you must consume one for every 10 levels of your character. To illustrate, a level 1 character would need one gate potion, whereas a level 10 character of certain classes would need to consume two potions. Gate potions can be purchased most times for 100G each from the Magic Shops in every town, and from the Auction House. In addition monsters in the battlefield have a small chance of dropping gate potions.

Classes known to be exempt from the extra Gate Potion requirement:

  • Priest (only 1 potion needed at level 18)
  • Generally caster classes

Classes known to require extra Gate Potions if higher level:

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