Hunting OverviewEdit

Hunting Minigame

Hunting in the Traveler's Way

Hunting is a Resourcefulness skill available at the beginning of the game, and allows you to obtain animal carcasses in zones that allow hunting. To hunt you need to equip a bow AND an arrow; no quiver is needed. After battle, a bow icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the icon to begin the Hunting minigame. In this game you must aim with the mouse at the creature (if and when it appears) and shoot with the spacebar. You can only shoot once per minigame, so if you miss then you won't catch anything! To increase your Hunting skill you can also buy a Skinning Blade and use it on a carcass in your inventory to obtain a skin. The higher your hunting level and the zone level are, the higher the level prey you can find. With the Leatherworking skill, you can use the skin and a Hide Stretcher to make leather afterwards. If you let the carcass decay overnight you will end up with a bone.

Note: If you are using a staff, you cannot equip a bow at the same time. In order to hunt as a caster, you must manually switch out your staff for a bow at the end of the battle, or use another inventory set that has a bow. Then when you come out of battle, you will be able to see the bow icon at the bottom of the screen.

Items from HuntingEdit

Skin - skinned from carcass
Bone - carcass left to decay at daily server reload

Tier Hunting
Carcass Skin Bone
1 0 Mongoose1 Mongoose Mongoose Skin Mongoose Skin Mongoose Leg Bone Mongoose Leg Bone
2 3 Quadhorn Quadhorn Quadhorn Hide Quadhorn Skin Quadhorn Antlers Quadhorn Antlers
3 6 Bison Bison Bison Hide Bison Hide Bison Hoof Bison Hoof
4 10 Woodland Critter Woodland Critter Critter Skin Critter Skin Critter Leg Bone Critter Leg Bone
5 13 Roo Pup Roo Pup Roo Pelt Roo Pelt Roo Tail Skeleton Roo Tail Skeleton
6 17 Swamp Elk Swamp Elk Swamp Elk Hide Swamp Elk Hide Swamp Elk Antlers Swamp Elk Antlers
7 20 Elder Turkey Elder Turkey Turkey Coat Turkey Coat Elder Turkey Bones Elder Turkey Bones
8 24 Bluebeak Penguin Bluebeak Penguin Penguin Skin Penguin Skin Penguin Bones Penguin Bones
9 27 Stag Stag Stag Hide Stag Hide Stag Antler Stag Antler
10 30 Ostosaur Ostosaur Ostosaur Hide Ostosaur Hide Ostosaur Claw Ostosaur Claw
11 34 Bunny Darko Bunny Darko Bunny Skin Bunny Skin Bunny Bones Bunny Bones
12 38 Mulebok Mulebok Mulebok Hide Mulebok Hide Mulebok Skull Mulebok Skull
13 41 Crescent Top Crescent Top Crescent Top Coat Crescent Top Coat Crescent Top Wing Bones Crescent Top Wing Bones
14 44 Fenelihorn Fenelihorn Fenelihorn Hide Fenelihorn Hide Fenelihorn Antlers Fenelihorn Antlers
15 48 Prairie Hare Prairie Hare Prairie Hare Skin Prairie Hare Skin Prairie Hare Bones Prairie Hare Bones
16 51 Female Peacock Female Peacock Peacock Coat Peacock Coat Female Peacock Beak Female Peacock Beak
17 55 Desert Camel Desert Camel Desert Camel Hide Desert Camel Hide Desert Camel Bones Desert Camel Bones
18 58 Warpig Warpig Warpig Skin Warpig Skin Warpig Skull Warpig Skull
19 61 Giant Coonrat Giant Coonrat Giant Coonrat Pelt Giant Coonrat Pelt Giant Coonrat Skull Giant Coonrat Skull
20 65 Striped Billy Striped Billy Striped Billy Hide Striped Billy Hide Striped Billy Bone Striped Billy Bone
21 68 Night Leaper Night Leaper Night Leaper Pelt Night Leaper Pelt Night Leaper Femur Night Leaper Femur
22 72 Great Eland Great Eland Great Eland Hide Great Eland Skin Great Eland Skull Great Eland Skull
23 75 Blesbok Blesbok Blesbok Hide Blesbok Skin Blesbok Horns Blesbok Horns
24 79 Spotted Tapier Spotted Tapier Spotted Tapier Skin Spotted Tapier Skin Spotted Tapier Foot Bone Spotted Tapier Leg Bone
25 82 Clawhorn Clawhorn Clawhorn Hide Clawhorn Skin Clawhorn Skull Clawhorn Skull
26 86 Sageboar Sageboar Sageboar Skin Sageboar Skin Sageboar Bone Sageboar Bone
27 89 Elder Kudu Elder Kudu Elder Kudu Hide Elder Kudu Hide Elder Kudu Horn Elder Kudu Horn
28 92 Infernal Infernal Infernal Pelt Infernal Pelt Infernal Tail Skeletons Infernal Tail Skeletons
29 96 Behemoth Behemoth Behemoth Hide Behemoth Hide Behemoth Skull Behemoth Skull
30 100 Pleskorus Pleskorus Pleskorus Hide Pleskorus Hide Pleskorn Tusk Pleskorn Tusk

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