Melee skills consist of three attributes: Strength, Dexterity, and Physical Stamina. These can be increased by leveling up the Melee stat.

Strength (Str) Edit

Strength is an important stat for melee fighters, especially those using crushing or slashing weapons. Primarily strength determines how likely you are to do full damage with melee weapons. It also plays a part in how likely you are to block with a shield and how likely you are to prevent someone from being able to block or parry your melee attacks with some weapons. Strength also plays a partial role along with dexterity in how often you will hit with crushing weapons.

Dexterity (Dex) Edit

Dexterity is important to all ranged and melee fighters but even more so to those using piercing weapons. Its primary function is to determine how likely you are to hit an opponent with all weapons including bow and arrow, however, with some weapons it also plays a part in how often you avoid blocks and parries. Dexterity also plays a role in how often you parry and even plays a partial role along with strength in increasing the likelihood of doing full damage with piercing weapons.

Physical Stamina (PSt) Edit

Physical Stamina determines your maximum energy. Energy is necessary for the use of many types of gems and replenishes slowly so your maximum plays a large role in your survivability.

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