Mining BasicsEdit

With this basic Resourcefulness Mining skill, you mine ore. To mine ore you need a Mining Hammer. After a successful combat, a Mining Hammer icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Clicking the icon will initiate the Mining minigame: one giant boulder slowly meanders around the screen, and you must hit the spacebar repeatedly to throw the hammer at the boulder. The boulder will break into progressively smaller rocks, or break into more rocks. Once all the rocks are removed from the screen, you obtain an ore. With higher Mining skill and higher zone level, you can get better ores.

Three of the same type of ore can be made into Geodes using a Stone Saw, also possibly raising your Mining skill. Alternatively three of the same type of ores can be used in conjunction with one piece of raw Wood (not processed planks!), a forge (available in every Armory), and Flameworking skill to make an ingot.

Mining RewardsEdit

In addition to ores, you may also obtain junk:

  • Heavy Rock Heavy Rock

Cost: 0(0)
Weight: 5 rock
Rarity: Common
Prereq: None
Gained by: mining in a zone with no ore

In zones with ore, you may get:

Tier 1 / Skill 0: Citrine Ore Citrine Ore

Tier 2 / Skill 3: Liliac Ore Liliac Ore

Tier 3 / Skill 6: Coal Ore Coal Ore

Tier 4 / Skill 10: Quartz Ore Quartz Ore

Tier 5 / Skill 13: Jonquil Ore Jonquil Ore

Tier 6 / Skill 17: Capri Ore Capri Ore

Tier 7 / Skill 20: Spotted Tabac Ore Spotted Tabac Ore

Tier 8 / Skill 24: Apetite Ore Apetite Ore

Tier 9 / Skill 27: Amethyst Ore Amethyst Ore

Tier 10 / Skill 30: Amozonite Ore Amazonite Ore

Tier 11 / Skill 34: Aquamarine Ore Aquamarine Ore

Tier 12 / Skill 37: Coral Ore Coral Ore

Tier 13 / Skill 41: Lace Agate Ore Lace Agate Ore

Tier 14 / Skill 44: Emerald Ore Emerald Ore

Tier 15 / Skill 48: Firestone Ore Firestone Ore

Tier 16 / Skill 51: Borale Ore Boreale Ore

Tier 17 / Skill 55: Volcano Ore Volcano Ore

Tier 18 / Skill 58: Calcite Hive Ore Calcite Hive Ore

Tier 19 / Skill 61: Onyx Ore Onyx Ore

Tier 20 / Skill 65: Chrysolite Ore Chrysolite Ore

Tier 21 / Skill 68: Crystal Ore Crystal Ore

Tier 22 / Skill 72: Erinite Ore Erinite Ore

Tier 23 / Skill 75: Aquadepths Ore Aquadepths Ore

Tier 24 / Skill 79: Diamond Ore Diamond Ore

Tier 25 / Skill 82: Aurum Ore Aurum Ore

Tier 26 / Skill 86: Nepherite Ore Nepherite Ore

Tier 27 / Skill 89: Labradorite Ore Labradorite Ore

Tier 28 / Skill 92: Suzulite Ore Suzulite Ore

Tier 29 / Skill 96: Temorite Ore Temorite Ore

Tier 30 / Skill 100: Livmalign Ore Livmalign Ore

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