Moss Dungeon Level 1-Main

The first level of Moss Dungeon is the first opportunity for travelers to explore the linear dungeon, continuing downwards deeper to the darker lower levels or returning back to the entrance. The moss from outside appears to have made Moss Dungeon overgrown with plant life.

Moss Dungeon Level 1-Map

Moss Dungeon Level 1 Statistics Edit

Suggested Level: 11+
Minimum Level to Enter: 5
Required Travel Gear to Traverse: Dungeon Torch

Number of squares in Moss Dungeon Level 1: 10

Moss Dungeon Level 2

Bestiary and Trophy Statistics Edit

Magic used by monsters/boss in zone: Psych Magic

Trophy Percentage: 25% combat, 75% spirit

Monsters and Trophies:
(Note: Trophies listed first for each monster are required by the Seer's Collection Quests)

  • Ravenous Monkey (Level 10)
    Ravenous Monkey

  • Howling Fangs Howling Fangs (Combat +1,150, Weight: 1 rock 478 sand)
  • Monkey Tail Monkey Tail (Spirit +1,150, Weight: 645 sand)
  • Tiger Slug (Level 11)
    Tiger Slug

  • Slug Slime Slug Slime (Spirit +1,250, Weight: 801 sand)
  • Slug Eye Slug Eye (Spirit +1,250, Weight: 958 sand)

Boss LocationEdit

Boss: Moss Mummy (Level 12)
Moss Mummy

Moss Dungeon Level 1 Boss


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