In the land of Nodiatis all deity worship has been abandoned. Due to the extreme hardship of over 100 years of deceit, corruption, and depravity, the people of Nodiatis have given up on worship after having received nothing but anguish in return. A thriving world once ruled by man has become a wasteland overrun by hordes or orcs, ogres, and even less sightly creatures.

Faced with the constant threat of starvation, rape, and murder, the inhabitants of Nodiatis have only one goal in mind: to survive until tomorrow. With no deities to worship and no leaders to turn to they are a lost people on possibily their last leg of existence. Perhaps you will be the one to guide them out of darkness and into the light and present them an idol worthy to bow before.

We are here to help you become that idol. Feel free to use all information you find here and if you have knowledge not yet written down be sure to let us know (or add it yourself).

The GameEdit

Nodiatis is a Java-coded, browser-based MMORPG launched by Glitchless, LLC on July 6, 2008.

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