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The Orc Camp is a monster base in the far north of these lands, requiring an extensive trek north from the South Dread Mountains near the Halcyon Rapids through the Petrified Forest. By the time first-time visitors to the Orc Camp usually come here (around level 15-20 for most), this is the furthest away from a town that the player has been. Gate and recall potions are very strongly recommended!

Orc Camp-Map

Orc Camp Statistics Edit

Suggested Level: 20+
Minimum Level to Enter: 12
Required Travel Gear to Traverse: Mountaineering Boots

Number of squares in Orc Camp: 22

Petrified Forest

Bestiary and Trophy Statistics Edit

Magic used by monsters/boss in zone: Life Magic

Trophy Percentage: 50% combat, 50% spirit

Monsters and Trophies:
(Note: Trophies listed first for each monster are required by the Seer's Collection Quests)

  • Goblin Escapee (Level 19)
    Goblin Escapee

  • Weighted Chains Weighted Chains (Combat +2,050, Weight: 1 rock 276 sand)
  • Goblin Ear Goblin Ear (Spirit +2,050, Weight: 1 rock 432 sand)
  • Orc Bandit (Level 20)
    Orc Bandit

  • Stubby Stiletto Stubby Stiletto (Combat +2,150, Weight: 599 sand)
  • Bandit Leather Bandit Leather (Spirit +2,150, Weight: 756 sand)

Boss LocationEdit

Boss: Legionary Orc (Level 21)
Legionary Orc

Orc Camp Boss


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