Ores can be made into Geodes using a Stone Saw Item Stone Saw by Ore Splitting.

Tier 1 / Skill 0: Citrine Ore Citrine Ore becomes Citrine Geode Citirine Geode

Tier 2 / Skill 3: Liliac Ore Liliac Ore becomes Liliac Geode Liliac Geode

Tier 3 / Skill 6: Coal Ore Coal Ore becomes Coal Geode Coal Geode

Tier 4 / Skill 10: Quartz Ore Quartz Ore becomes Quartz Geode Quartz Geode

Tier 5 / Skill 13: Jonquil Ore Jonquil Ore becomes Jonquil Geode Jonquil Geode

Tier 6 / Skill 17: Capri Ore Capri Ore becomes Capri Geode Capri Geode

Tier 7 / Skill 20: Spotted Tabac Ore Spotted Tabac Ore becomes Spotted Tabac Geode Spotted Tabac Geode

Tier 8 / Skill 24: Apetite Ore Apetite Ore becomes Apetite Geode Apetite Geode

Tier 9 / Skill 27: Amethyst Ore Amethyst Ore becomes Amethyst Geode Amethist Geode

Tier 10 / Skill 30: Amozonite Ore Amozonite Ore becomes Amozonite Geode Amozinite Geode

Tier 11 / Skill 34: Aquamarine Ore Aquamarine Ore becomes Aquamarine Geode Aquamarine Geode

Tier 12 / Skill 37: Coral Ore Coral Ore becomes Coral Geode Coral Geode

Tier 13 / Skill 41: Lace Agate Ore Lace Agate Ore becomes Lace Agate Geode Lace Agate Geode

Tier 14 / Skill 44: Emerald Ore Emerald Ore becomes Emerald Geode Emerald Geode

Tier 15 / Skill 48: Firestone Ore Firestone Ore becomes Firestone Geode Firestone Geode

Tier 16 / Skill 51: Borale Ore Ore becomes Borale Geode Borale Geode

Tier 17 / Skill 55: Volcano Ore Volcano Ore becomes Volcano Geode Volcano Geode

Tier 18 / Skill 58: Calcite Hive Ore Calcite Hive Ore becomes Calcite Hive Geode Calcite Hive Geode

Tier 19 / Skill 61: Onyx Ore Onyx Ore becomes Onyx Geode Onyx Geode

Tier 20 / Skill 65: Chrysolite Ore Chrysolite Ore becomes Chrysolite Geode Chrysolite Geode

Tier 21 / Skill 68: Crystal Ore Crystal Ore becomes Crystal Geode Cyrstal Geode

Tier 22 / Skill 72: Erinite Ore Erinite Ore becomes Erinite Geode Erinite Geode

Tier 23 / Skill 75: Aquadepths Ore Aquadepths Ore becomes Aquadepths Geode Aquadepths Geode

Tier 24 / Skill 79: Diamond Ore Diamond Ore becomes Diamond Geode Diamond Geode

Tier 25 / Skill 82: Aurum Ore Aurum Ore becomes Aurum Geode Aurum Geode

Tier 26 / Skill 86: Nepherite Ore Nepherite Ore becomes Nepherite Geode Nepherite Geode

Tier 27 / Skill 89: Labradorite Ore Labradorite Ore becomes Labradorite Geode Labradorite Geode

Tier 28 / Skill 92: Suzulite Ore Suzulite Ore becomes Suzulite Geode Suzulite Geode

Tier 29 / Skill 96: Temorite Ore Temorite Ore becomes Temorite Geode Temorite Geode

Tier 30 / Skill 100: Livmalign Ore Livmalign Ore becomes Livmalign Geode Livmalign Geode

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