Description: This is your prowess with pets. If this skill is low compared to the level of your opponent your pet may do as little as half normal damage when attacking.

The Petmanship skill is a Beast Mastery skill immediately available as a new character. You do not need to be a Beastmaster to level up this skill. Petmanship is principally required for equipping pets in pet slots, with generally stronger pets requiring higher Petmanship skill. A skill level of 10 is required to equip the first pet, a Sewer Rat, in the top left slot, whereas level 30 is required to use the top right slot and thus have two pets equipped simultaneously. Petmanship skill can be raised by sacrificing combat and spirit trophies to the Altar of the Beast outside of the church in every town, and by passively learning it. Like other skills which allow you to equip various items (e.g. piercing weapons, staves), low skill level in Petmanship compared to your enemies' level will reduce the damage your pet puts out.

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