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The Petrified Forest is found just off the northeastern section of the South Dread Mountains. To get here, head due east from T2 (Stronhad) through the South Dread Mountains until you hit the west bank of the Halcyon Rapids, then head north along the rapids between the Orc Fortress and South Lake Halcyon. Continue north until you reach the Petrified Forest. Further north is the Orc Camp.

Petrified Forest-Map

Petrified Forest Statistics Edit

Suggested Level: 18+
Minimum Level to Enter: 11
Required Travel Gear to Traverse: Mountaineering Boots

Number of squares in Petrified Forest: 70

South Dread Mountains
Orc Camp
Obsidian Swamp
Deadman's Valley
Goblin Swamp

Bestiary and Trophy Statistics Edit

Magic used by monsters/boss in zone: Psych Magic

Trophy Percentage: 50% combat, 50% spirit

Monsters and Trophies:
(Note: Trophies listed first for each monster are required by the Seer's Collection Quests)

  • Ant Lion (Level 17)
    Ant Lion

  • Ant Lion Tooth Ant Lion Tooth (Combat +1,850, Weight: 650 sand)
  • Ant Lion Carapace Ant Lion Carapace (Spirit +1,850, Weight: 806 sand)
  • Spine Slug (Level 18)
    Spine Slug

  • Insect Quills Insect Quills (Combat +1,950, Weight: 963 sand)
  • Insect Head Insect Head (Spirit +1,950, Weight: 1 rock 119 sand)

Boss LocationEdit

Boss: War Beetle (Level 19)
War Beetle

Petrified Forest Boss


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