In Nodiatis, there are several types of PvP (Player vs Player) combat:

  • Duels
  • PKing (Player Killing)
  • PKKing (Player Killer Killing)
  • Deathmatches
  • Clan Battles
  • Arena Matches

Forcing combat can only be done by Standard or Premium users who have Rested Time or Premium users with the grinder update. You do not need Rested Time to enter the arena or fight in duels. Another player may force combat on you, regardless of whether or not you have Rested Time.


Duels are safe fights between players or groups of players, in which combat continues until all players on one side have died or escaped. There are no rewards or losses for winning or losing, though players without the Grinder Upgrade and a Premium account will lose Rested Time if their HP, Energy, or Mana are not completely full, so it is not advised that you use your Rested Time when dueling.

PKing (Player Killing)Edit

A PK (Player Killer) is someone who forces combat on other players. If a PK kills another player, they can loot one Un-soulbound item, or stack of items, from the person they PKed. If the player being looted is an unpaid player, upon an item being looted, it is destroyed. If a PK is killed by another player, or during PvE combat within 30 minutes of having PKed someone, they suffer a permanent death. A PK can enter an arena match while flashing, and not suffer perma death.

PKKing (Player Killer Killing)Edit

A PKK (Player Killer Killer) is anyone who kills a PK. A PKK does not need to be able to force combat, as they can be grouped with someone who is able to force combat on the PK, or the PK may force combat on a player and lose.

Permanent DeathEdit

A permanent death is suffered by a PK who is PKKed, the loser of a Deathmatch, and a PK who dies within 30 minutes of having PKed another player and/or within 5 minutes of having been forced into PvP combat, but not completing it.

Once looting has ended, you will lose all your Stat, Weaponry, Archery, Protection, Life Magic, Death Magic, Psych Magic, and Beastmastery skills, all your gold and items, and be returned to T1 (Castille) at level 1.

Death MatchEdit

A Deathmatch is a 1 on 1 fight to the death, in which the loser suffers a permanent death, and the winner gets all of the losers equipped armor, weapons, pets, and gems, all the player's gold, and items in the player's inventory. It is possible to escape from a Deathmatch without any losses.

Clan BattlesEdit

A clan battle is fought between two or more members of warring clans. Clan wars are either declared through agreement by an officer/master of each clan or declared against all clans of the opposing alignment when an officer/master choses to modify clan neutrality. For more about clans you may wish to visit the clan faq.

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