Noncontinuous Replenishing-Over-Time Gems are a recent addition to Nodiatis, and functionally are the recovery/healing equivalent of the Damage-Over-Time Gems. Currently there are only a couple of healing-over-time (HoT) gems in this category, and none yet have been introduced which restore energy or mana for a set period of time. HoT effects completely stack, but after a set period of time the HoT effect wears off and you no longer recover hitpoints. All HoT gems are used once per draw on single targets, and can be used on any party member including yourself.

While under the effect of Daze, if you try to use a HoT gem, it is possible to bestow hitpoint recovery to your enemy!

  • Restore Energy-Over-Time Gems
    • none

  • Restore Mana-Over-Time Gems
    • none

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