Tier 1 - Item Waste Resin Waste Resin (T1, T7, T13)

Tier 2 - Item Old Oak Resin Old Oak Resin (T1, T7, T13)

Tier 3 - Item Bulk Pine Resin Bulk Pine Resin (T1, T7, T13)

Tier 4 - Item Milk Sap Resin Milk Sap Resin (T1, T7, T13)

Tier 5 - Item Camel Toe Resin Camel Toe Resin (T1, T7, T13)

Tier 6 - Item Gloopy Resin Gloopy Resin (T2, T8, T14)

Tier 7 - Item Violet Flower Resin Violet Flower Resin (T2, T8, T14)

Tier 8 - Item Cloud Tear Resin Cloud Tear Resin (T2, T8, T14)

Tier 9 - Item Stone Ice Resin Stone Ice Resin (T2, T8, T14)

Tier 10 - Item Tethered Resin Tethered Resin (T2, T8, T14)

Tier 11 - Item Sun and Moon Resin Sun and Moon Resin (T3, T9, T15)

Tier 12 - Item Galatai Blood Resin Galatai Blood Resin (T3, T9, T15)

Tier 13 - Item Webbed Resin Webbed Resin (T3, T9, T15)

Tier 14 - Item Dark Ork Resin Dark Ork Resin (T3, T9, T15)

Tier 15 - Item Alchemar Resin Alchemar Resin (T3, T9, T15)

Tier 16 - Item Dwarven Threaded Resin Dwarven Threaded Resin (T4, T10, T16)

Tier 17 - Item Pure Spun Pine Resin Pure Spun Pine Resin (T4, T10, T16)

Tier 18 - Item Heaven Harbor Resin Heaven Harbor Resin (T4, T10, T16)

Tier 19 - Item Afar Resin Afar Resin (T4, T10, T16)

Tier 20 - Item Torn Spirit Resin Torn Spirit Resin (T4, T10, T16)

Tier 21 - Item Venemous Resin Venemous Resin (T5, T11, T17)

Tier 22 - Item Echo Resin Echo Resin (T5, T11, T17)

Tier 23 - Item Ancient Throne Resin Ancient Throne Resin (T5, T11, T17)

Tier 24 - Item Evil Eye Resin Evil Eye Resin (T5, T11, T17)

Tier 25 - Item Artemis Resin Artemis Resin (T5, T11, T17)

Tier 26 - Item Royal Blood Resin Royal Blood Resin (T6, T12, T18)

Tier 27 - Item Remembrance Resin Remembrance Resin (T6, T12, T18)

Tier 28 - Item Undead Cyclops Resin Undead Cyclops Resin (T6, T12, T18)

Tier 29 - Item Starfall Resin Starfall Resin (T6, T12, T18)

Tier 30 - Item Everhold Resin Everhold Resin (T6, T12, T18)

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