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Helmets Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Bear Skull Helmet Bear Skull Helmet 5,060 1,265 5.0 Uncommon Suiting(27) 44 MSt:1 Dur:1 Reg:2
Hardened Turtle Shell Helm Hardened Turtle Shell Helm 5,670 1,417 7.0 Uncommon Suiting(28) 40 PSt:1 Cnt:1 Reg:2

Chestplates Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Arctic Bearskin Armor Arctic Bearskin Armor 8,690 2,172 11.0 Uncommon Suiting(27) 74 PSt:1 Cnt:1 Dur:4
Spikeshell Turtle Breastplate Spikeshell Turtle Breastplate 9,320 2,330 4.0 Uncommon Suiting(28) 67 PSt:5 Cnc:2

Sleeves Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Polar Bear Skin Sleeve Polar Bear Skin Sleeve 2,780 695 3.0 Uncommon Suiting(27) 24 Cnc:2
Turtle Shell Spiked Arm Turtle Shell Spiked Arm 2,940 735 4.0 Uncommon Suiting(28) 21 Reg:2

Leggings Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Polar Bear Fur Legging Polar Bear Fur Legging 4,110 1,027 8.0 Uncommon Suiting(27) 36 Int:2 Reg:1
Hardened Turtle Shell Legging Hardened Turtle Shell Legging 4,470 1,117 5.0 Uncommon Suiting(28) 32 Str:2 Dex:1

Shields Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Snow Fur Shield Snow Fur Shield 10,410 2,602 10.0 Uncommon Blocking(27) 148 Dex:2 Cnt:2
Sharpened Turtle Shell Shield Sharpened Turtle Shell Shield 11,100 2,775 6.0 Uncommon Blocking(28) 134 Cnc:2 Agi:2

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--Shadowmagic 17:19, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

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