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Helmets Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Helm of the Reptile Helm of the Reptile 26,750 5,082 9.0 Rare Suiting(36) 64 Str:2 PSt:1 Cnt:1 MRe:2
Ridged Hardened Brass Helm Ridged Hardened Brass Helm 10,810 2,702 8.0 Uncommon Suiting(38) 48 Dex:3 MSt:4
Helmet of Solar Hell Helmet of Solar Hell 46,580 11,645 7.0 Uncommon Suiting(72) 95 Int:5 MSt:5 PRe:2
Dragonwing Helm Dragonwing Helm 48,560 12,140 5.0 Uncommon Suiting(73) 124 Str:2 Cnc:1 Agi:2 PRe:4
Barbute of Frozen Champions Barbute of Frozen Champions 120,530 22,900 10.0 Rare Suiting(75) 126 PSt:5 Reg:6

Chestplates Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Reptilian Breastplate Reptilian Breastplate 42,590 8,092 4.0 Rare Suiting(36) 107 MSt:4 PRe:3 Reg:3
Reinforced Brass Torso Plate Reinforced Brass Torso Plate 18,400 4,600 9.0 Uncommon Suiting(38) 79 PSt:5 Cnc:3 MSt:2 MRe:1
Solarized Breastplate Solarized Breastplate 77,460 19,365 8.0 Uncommon Suiting(72) 158 Str:5 PSt:4 Cnc:7 Agi:4
Dragonclaw Breastplate Dragonclaw Breastplate 78,920 19,730 10.0 Uncommon Suiting(73) 207 Cnc:2 Dur:9 PRe:1 Reg:4
Breastplate of Frozen Roars Breastplate of Frozen Roars 195,850 37,211 10.0 Rare Suiting(75) 210 Str:6 PSt:9 Int:4

Sleeves Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Snake Fang Sleeve Snake Fang Sleeve 14,240 2,705 6.0 Rare Suiting(36) 34 Cnt:2 Reg:1
Hardened Brass Spiked Arm Hardened Brass Spiked Arm 5,830 1,457 7.0 Uncommon Suiting(38) 25 Str:1 Dex:2 Reg:1
Solarized Sleeve Solarized Sleeve 25,140 6,285 6.0 Uncommon Suiting(72) 51 Dex:3 MRe:2 Reg:1
Sleeve of Dragon Flight Sleeve of Dragon Flight 25,440 6,360 4.0 Uncommon Suiting(73) 66 Dex:1 MRe:4
Sleeve of Deadly Frost Fingers Sleeve of Deadly Frost Fingers 62,940 11,958 2.0 Rare Suiting(75) 67 Int:3 MSt:1 Cnt:2

Leggings Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Snake Scale Legging Snake Scale Legging 21,070 4,003 8.0 Rare Suiting(36) 51 Dex:1 MSt:1 Dur:1 Reg:2
Relayered Brassen Legging Relayered Brassen Legging 8,900 2,225 7.0 Uncommon Suiting(38) 38 Agi:1 Dur:4
Solarized Legging Solarized Legging 37,050 9,262 8.0 Uncommon Suiting(72) 76 Str:4 Dex:2 Int:4
Dragon Whisker Legging Dragon Whisker Legging 38,740 9,685 4.0 Uncommon Suiting(73) 99 Str:3 PSt:2 Cnt:1 Dur:2
Legging of Petrified Ice Legging of Petrified Ice 92,710 17,614 6.0 Rare Suiting(75) 101 Str:1 PSt:4 Cnc:4

Shields Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Emerald Boa Shield Emerald Boa Shield 52,520 9,978 8.0 Rare Blocking(36) 213 PSt:3 PRe:3
Hardened Brass Rim Buckler Hardened Brass Rim Buckler 21,620 5,405 13.0 Uncommon Blocking(38) 159 MSt:3 Dur:3 Reg:1
Shield of Solar Explosions Shield of Solar Explosions 91,960 22,990 12.0 Uncommon Blocking(72) 317 Str:6 Dex:6
Shield of the Dragon's Soul Shield of the Dragon's Soul 95,770 23,942 14.0 Uncommon Blocking(73) 414 Cnc:1 MSt:5 PRe:3
Shield of the Ice Lord Shield of the Ice Lord 234,890 44,629 12.0 Rare Blocking(75) 419 Dex:1 Agi:1 Cnt:3 Reg:6

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--Shadowmagic 07:52, March 13, 2010 (UTC)

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