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Helmets Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Pristine Gemmed Scaled Steelcap Pristine Gemmed Scaled Steelcap 26,940 6,735 7.0 Uncommon Suiting(56) 73 Dex:4 Int:3 PRe:3
Hardened Helmet of Deception Hardened Helmet of Deception 29,150 7,287 8.0 Uncommon Suiting(59) 100 Str:4 Int:1 MSt:2 PRe:1

Chestplates Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Gemmed Dragonsteel Chestplate Gemmed Dragonsteel Chestplate 42,980 10,745 8.0 Uncommon Suiting(56) 121 Dex:4 Int:4 MSt:4 Agi:4
Fleshrender Hooked Chestplate Fleshrender Hooked Chestplate 49,450 12,362 9.0 Uncommon Suiting(59) 166 PSt:5 MSt:2 Agi:4 Reg:2

Sleeves Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Ruby Dragonsteel Sleeve Ruby Dragonsteel Sleeve 14,320 3,580 6.0 Uncommon Suiting(56) 39 Cnc:3 MRe:2
Fleshrender Hooked Sleeve Fleshrender Hooked Sleeve 15,680 3,920 7.0 Uncommon Suiting(59) 53 PSt:1 Agi:3

Leggings Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Overlapped Dragonsteel Legging Overlapped Dragonsteel Legging 21,430 5,257 10.0 Uncommon Suiting(56) 58 Cnc:1 Agi:4 MRe:3
Fleshrender Hooked Legging Fleshrender Hooked Legging 23,620 5,905 10.0 Uncommon Suiting(59) 80 Str:3 PSt:1 Int:1 Dur:1

Shields Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity Prereq AC Bonus
Dragonsteel Shield of the Fallen Dragonsteel Shield of the Fallen 52,920 13,230 7.0 Uncommon Blocking(56) 243 Dur:2 Reg:8
Disc of Deceptive Revolution Disc of Deceptive Revolution 58,260 14,565 14.0 Uncommon Blocking(59) 333 PSt:2 Dur:3 Reg:3

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