Towns provide a safe haven for inhabitants and players alike, from the beasts and player killers wandering outside. Towns have no level requirement ("0+") to enter. Every town has an Inn, a General Store, a Magic Shop, a Pet Store, and an Armory. In these five stores, players can buy the full range of Common, Uncommon, and Rare equipment, potions, tradeskill items and travel gear. Each town and store has an infinite supply of very specific items, and each town is associated with items of a specific level range (shown below). Conveniently the level range sold in a particular town tends to coincide with the typical levels of players fighting in the vicinity of that town.

Items to be auctioned must be placed on auction while in town, and items purchased from auction must be picked up from your storage at the town where the item was listed on auction. For example if somebody puts up a Gate Potion on auction in Dorfellia and you buy it, the potion will be in your Storage in Dorfellia, and you must go there to pick up and use the potion, even if you've never been to Dorfellia before. Buyer beware!

Moreover in the back of each town is a church where you can sacrifice trophies to shrines for actively learning skills, pick up trophy and monster/boss quests, and get information about where to level next. For all towns other than Castille, you can ask the Seer in the church to send you back to Castille, but this counts as a normal death and you will lose rested time as a consequence of taking this potential shortcut back to Castille.

If you die a normal death and are not resurrected, you are teleported to the last town you visited, with rested time penalty.

Full List of Towns Edit

  • T1 - Castille (equipment level 0-3, 12-15)
  • T2 - Stronhad (equipment level 4-7, 30-34)
  • T3 - Fenelia (equipment level 8-11)
  • T4 - Atlimus (equipment level 16-20, 91-95)
  • T5 - Burdinia (equipment level 21-24)
  • T6 - Maalin (equipment level 25-29)
  • T7 - Roggork (equipment level 35-38, 72-75)
  • T8 - Dreval (equipment level 39-47)
  • T9 - Slevisk (equipment level 48-51)
  • T10 - Crella (equipment level 52-55, 81-86)
  • T11 - Zugrul (equipment level 56-59)
  • T12 - Aerthol (equipment level 60-64)
  • T13 - Reydor (equipment level 65-71)
  • T14 - Dorfellia (equipment level 76-80)
  • T15 - Ustenar (equipment level 87-90)
  • T16 - Fa'ar (equipment level 96-100)
  • T17 - Andol (equipment level Unknown)
  • T18 - Draak (equipment level Unknown)

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