Trapping BasicsEdit

To utilize this basic Resourcefulness skill, you must fight a monster, then place a Rodent Trap into storage in that zone. You can then check that trap once a day (after fighting a creature and winning there again) to retrieve rodent parts. If you allow the parts to decay (at daily reset, 100% chance) you will get rat sinews.

Trapping RewardsEdit

Tier 1 / Skill 0: Diseased Rat Heads Diseased Rat Heads decays to Disesed Rat Sinews Diseased Rat Sinews

Tier 2 / Skill 3: Slimy Rat Whiskers Slimy Rat Whiskers decays to Slimy Sinews Slimy Sinews

Tier 3 / Skill 6: Chewed Rat Ears Chewed Rat Ears decays to Chewed Sinews Chewed Sinews

Tier 4 / Skill 10: Plague Rat Tails Plague Rat Tails decays to Plague Sinews Plague Sinews

Tier 5 / Skill 13: Moldy Rat Legs Moldy Rat Legs decays to Moldy Sinews Moldy Sinews

Tier 6 / Skill 17: Bile Soaked Rat Torsos Bile Soaked Rat Torsos decays to Bile Soaked Sinews Bile Soaked Sinews

Tier 7 / Skill 20: Large Rat Heads Large Rat Heads decays to Coarse Sinews Coarse Sinews

Tier 8 / Skill 24: White Rat Whiskers White Rat Whiskers decays to White Whisker Sinews White Whisker Sinews

Tier 9 / Skill 27: Shriveled Rat Ears Shriveled Rat Ears decays to Shriveled Ear Sinews Shriveled Ear Sinews

Tier 10 / Skill 30: Pink Rat Tails Pink Rat Tails decays to Pink Tail Sinews Pink Tail Sinews

Tier 11 / Skill 34: Meaty Rat Legs Meaty Rat Legs decays to Meaty Leg Sinews Meaty Leg Sinews

Tier 12 / Skill 37: Hairy Rat Torsos Hairy Rat Torsos decays to Think Hairy Sinews Think Hairy Sinews

Tier 13 / Skill 41: Owlmouse Heads Owlmouse Heads decays to Brainy Sinews Brainy Sinews

Tier 14 / Skill 44: Pink Rat Whiskers Pink Rat Whiskers decays to Pink Whisker Sinews Pink Whisker Sinews

Tier 15 / Skill 48: Owlmouse Ears Owlmouse Ears decays to Inner Ear Sinews Inner Ear Sinews

Tier 16 / Skill 51: Long Mouse Tails Long Mouse Tails decays to Lengthy Tail Sinews Lengthy Tail Sinews

Tier 17 / Skill 55: Owlmouse Legs Owlmouse Legs decays to Owlmouse Leg Sinews Owlmouse Leg Sinews

Tier 18 / Skill 58: Vibrant Mouse Torsos Vibrant Mouse Torsos decays to Vibrant Torso Sinews Vibrant Torso Sinews

Tier 19 / Skill 61: Vampire Rat Heads Vampire Rat Heads decays to Vampire Head Sinews Vampire Head Sinews

Tier 20 / Skill 65: Vamprat Whiskers Vamprat Whiskers decays to Vamprat Whisker Sinews Vamprat Whisker Sinews

Tier 21 / Skill 68: Blood Filled Earsacks Blood Filled Earsacks decays to Bloody Ear Sinews Bloody Ear Sinews

Tier 22 / Skill 72: Night Thrashers Night Thrashers decays to Thrasher Sinews1 Thrasher Sinews

Tier 23 / Skill 75: Vamprat Legs Vamprat Legs decays to Vamprat Leg Sinews Vamprat Leg Sinews

Tier 24 / Skill 79: Vamprat Torsos Vamprat Torsos decays to Vamprat Rib Sinews Vamprat Rib Sinews

Tier 25 / Skill 82: Aquamouse Heads Aquamouse Heads decays to Aqua Brain Sinews Aqua Brain Sinews

Tier 26 / Skill 86: Flowing Mouse Whiskers Flowing Mouse Whiskers decays to Water Whisker Sinews Water Whisker Sinews

Tier 27 / Skill 89: Pristine Mouse Ears Pristine Mouse Ears decays to Pristine Ear Sinews Pristine Ear Sinews

Tier 28 / Skill 92: Glowing Mouse Tails Glowing Mouse Tails decays to Glowtail Sinews Glowtail Sinews

Tier 29 / Skill 96: Aquamouse Legs Aquamouse Legs decays to Aqua Leg Sinews Aqua Leg Sinews

Tier 30 / Skill 100: Aquamouse Torsos Aquamouse Torsos decays to Aqua Rib Sinews Aqua Rib Sinews

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