On your travels in Nodiatis, you will come across zones of many different terrain types, e.g. rivers, mountains, swamps and desert sands. In order to traverse these zones, specialized travel gear in your possession are often required. Some travel gear are purchased from the General Store in certain towns, while others are dropped from bosses lurking in deep and dark dungeons. Once you obtain the travel gear, you are required to have the specific travel gear in your inventory (not in storage!) in order to enter a square in the zone requiring that travel gear. Travel gear are not equipped in any armor or weapon slots. Moreover, all travel gear have no prerequisites.

Although normally you cannot directly put travel gear in storage, it is possible to put the gear in storage by swapping it with another item already in a storage slot. This is risky, however, as if it is done in a zone requiring that gear and you leave the zone, you will be unable to return to the zone to pick it back up. Moreover, travel gear immediately becomes soulbound once placed in inventory, so you cannot trade them to other people.

Bosses that drop travel gear will always drop the gear if you don't have that gear in inventory.

Most travel gear supersede more basic gear. Once you obtain superseding gear, you no longer need to keep the corresponding superseded gear. For example once you have the Climbing Shoes, you no longer need to keep the Mountaineering Boots.

Travel Gear Cost Resell Wt (Rock) Rarity How to Obtain Zone Requiring Gear Comments
Dungeon Torch 850 161 2.0 Rare T3 (Fenelia) Moss Dungeon Level 1 Illuminates your surroundings allowing you to enter dark dungeons Superseded by Shine Goggles.
Mountaineering Boots 3,800 722 2.0 Rare T4 (Atlimus) South Dread Mountains The most basic of climbing gear allowing for travel on low inclination rock-faced mountains Superseded by Climbing Shoes.
Climbing Shoes 0 0 1.0 Rare Moss Dungeon Level 2 (Moss Harvester) Drop North Dread Mountains Novice climbing gear allowing for scaling steep rock faces. Supersedes Mountaineering Boots.
Bamboo Rafting Gear 11,900 2,261 10.0 Rare T2 (Stronhad) Halcyon River Allows the navigation of calm and shallow rivers Superseded by Ocean Waders.
Shine Goggles 18,250 3,467 1.0 Rare T7 (Roggork) Moss Dungeon Level 4 Light emitting and amplifying goggles allowing travel to dungeon depths not accessible with a torch. Supersedes Dungeon Torch.
Ocean Waders 0 0 5.0 Rare Moss Dungeon Level 4 Boss (Fern Sporeling) Drop Tempest Shallows Chest high waterproof waders specifically resistant to the extreme salinity of the northeastern oceans. Supersedes Bamboo Rafting Gear.
Steel Spike Crampons 0 0 3.0 Rare Vampire Dungeon Level 1 Boss (Vampiric Shadow) Drop Glacier River Multipurpose gear ideal for crossing glaciers or climbing icy mountains. Supersedes Climbing Shoes.
Alkaline Resistant Diving Gear 32,590 6,192 4.0 Rare T9 (Slevisk) Alkaline Lake Allows diving to moderate depths in lakes oceans and calm rivers. Supersedes Ocean Waders.
Bog Hoppers 43,570 8,278 2.0 Rare T10 (Crella) Cyprus Stump Forest, Bog Swamp Specialized footware for efficiently crossing boggy terrain without sinking deep into the mud Superseded by Steel Spike Hoppers.
Steel Spike Hoppers 62,550 11,884 3.0 Rare T11 (Zugrul) Bog Foothills Combination footgear that allows you to cross both swampy and mountaineous terrain. Supersedes Steel Spike Crampons and Bog Hoppers.
Sharkskin Diving Gear 0 0 5.0 Rare Arena Isle Boss (Champion Spirit) Drop Coral Wreckage Full Body diving gear capable of protecting the wearer from coral abrasions. Supersedes Alkaline Resistant Diving Gear.
Stillsuit 0 0 4.0 Rare Coral Wreckage Boss (Sea Lion Tyrant) Drop Desert Flats Allows the wearer to travel long distances in arid conditions with minimal dehydration. A necessity for desert travel. Superseded by Lungs of the Wyvern.
Advanced Climbing Gear 82,750 15,722 6.0 Rare T13 (Reydor) Canyon Edge Complete with advanced footwear plus 100 feet of climbing rope and an assortment of cams this is a necessity for navigating canyons and steep mountainsides. Supersedes Steel Spike Hoppers.
Lungs of the Wyvern 127,500 24,225 1.0 Rare T7 (Roggork) Roggork Peaks In addition to dehydration prevention this magical rebreather allows you to travel to incredible altitudes above the clouds. Supersedes Stillsuit.
Dragon's Will 0 0 1.0 Rare Merfolk Dungeon Level 2 Boss (Splittail Snake) Drop Mount Whitecap,
Great Plateau
The wearer of this emblem is said to embody the spirit of dragon being able to climb glide and breathe like the beast himself. Supersedes Lungs of the Wyvern and Advanced Climbing Gear.
Halcyon Ward 0 0 1.0 Rare Dungeon of Rot Level 3 Boss (Rotshroom) Drop Halcyon Rapids, South Lake Halcyon, The Great Dam, North Lake Halcyon Bodies of those who have traveled to the northern Halcyon waters without this trinket have returned but their souls have not.
Fungal Inhibitor 0 0 1.0 Rare Vampire Dungeon Level 4 Boss (Band of Minivamp Dragons) Drop Fungi Forest Necessary to prevent fungal infections from invading your immune system.
Compass of the Forlorn 975,250 185,297 1.0 Rare T16 (Fa'ar) Redwood Forest, Endless Canyon, Dark Mountains , Forest of No Return ??? Necessary for exploring areas deep within the land where the stars cannot be seen and interference from magnetic ore deposits prevents normal means of navigation. Supersedes Halcyon Ward and Fungal Inhibitor.
Heart of Darkness 0 0  ? Rare Frozen Volcano Boss (Ice Spinner) Drop River of Souls on up Only the bearer of a Heart of Darkness can travel on lands bereft of all life and ruled by the undead. Supercedes Dragon's Will.

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