Virtues are required to sell or trade away epic grade items, generally considered the most powerful equipment in Nodiatis. Without the proper virtues specified by an epic item you will not be able to sell or trade away the epic item. In addition, each virtue also grants a 3.33% bonus to all experience gains. This experience bonus encompasses every type of gain from trophy turn-ins and kill experience to crafting and trade item collection. Virtues are not required to equip or use epic items.

There are 30 virtues in total at this time. In order to start accumulating virtues, you must access an epic item, either by having it in your possession or in a trade window. Right-clicking on the item will allow you the option to purchase virtues for US$4.95 each, or 1 Time Card. You can get timecards through the auction or for US.4.95 each. Purchased virtues remain with your character forever, regardless of the number of epics you have. Once you purchase at least one virtue, you can purchase the rest in this way, or buy the Virtue Pack: $0.99 plus $4.50 per missing virtue. Once you have all 30 virtues, you will also receive double token rewards for arena victories.

Virtues currently belong in one of five rows, with each row corresponding to a certain level range. Currently, Row 1 is for level 1-20 epics, Row 2 for level 21-40, Row 3 for level 41-60, Row 4 for level 61-80, and Row 5 for level 81-100. Although epics require two specific virtues to be used, both virtues for a given epic will always belong to the same tier. Dusts always require the Row 1 virtue of Courage, plus another Row 1 virtue.

List of VirtuesEdit

Row 1 Virtues
Virtue Courage Courage
Virtue Knowledge Knowledge
Virtue Adapatation Adaptation
Virtue Humility Humility
Virtue Patience Patience
Virtue Discipline Discipline

Row 2 Virtues
Virtue Fortitude Fortitude
Virtue Focus Focus
Virtue Integrity Integrity
Virtue Discretion Discretion
Virtue Order Order
Virtue Purity Purity

Row 3 Virtues
Virtue Strategy Strategy
Virtue Wisdom Wisdom
Virtue Subtlety Subtlety
16 Virtue Perception
17 Virtue Stoicism
18 Virtue Diligence

Row 4 Virtues
19 Virtue Acumen
20 Virtue Prudence
21 Virtue Resolution
22 Virtue Temperance
23 Virtue Honor
24 Virtue Justice

Row 5 Virtues
25 Virtue Guile
26 Virtue Cognizance
27 Virtue Defiance
28 Virtue Detachment
29 Virtue Sacrifice
30 Virtue Tranquility

Epic Equipment List by VirtueEdit

Row 1 Epics (Level 1-20)
Courage Knowledge Adaptation Humility Patience
Knowledge Reinforced Apprentice Cap
Hunting Bow
Deer Hide Quiver
Staff of the Native
--- --- --- ---
Adaptation Padded Apprentice Tabard
Serrated Bone Dagger
Broadhead Arrow
--- --- ---
Humility Bone Lined Apprentice Sleeve
Algae Encrusted Halberd
--- Monsoon Rank 3
Patience Double Stitched Apprentice Legging Duckling ---
Discipline Cross Puncher Buckler Lavaflow Rank 3 Ladybug

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