Starting Stats
Strength 96
Dexterity 104
Physical Stamina 103
Intelligence 103
Concentration 99
Mental Stamina 101
Agility 108
Contravention 105
Durability 90
Physical Resilience 100
Mental Resilience 100
Regeneration 103
Stats Experience Adjustments
Melee -17%
Magic +20%
Defense -17%
Recovery +20%

A true scholar of magic a warlock has the innate capabilities to cast spells with the greatest of power. Sure to bring with him several pouches full of deathly magics and always eager to test his latest incantations, a warlock is best avoided unless absolutely necessary. Warlocks reputation for a preference of destruction over creation is well founded as they begin with a 5% (up to 15% with class-enhancing skills) bonus to death magic direct damage. -- In game description

Strategy and Builds Edit

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Solo Play Edit

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Group Play Edit

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