Use a Planing Tool Item Planing Tool on the wood to create Planks.

Tier / Skill: Wood Cutting / Plank

Tier 1 / Skill 0: Rotting Twigs1 Rotting Twigs becomes Rotting Plank Rotting Plank

Tier 2 / Skill 3: Dry Sticks Dry Sticks becomes Stickboards Stickboards

Tier 3 / Skill 6: Blanched Twigs Blanched Twigs becomes Blanched Plank Blanched Plank

Tier 4 / Skill 10: Mossy Twigs Mossy Twigs becomes Mossy Plank Mossy Plank

Tier 5 / Skill 13: Sapling Bundles Sapling Bundles becomes Sapling Plank Sapling Plank

Tier 6 / Skill 17: Fungal Twigs Fungal Twigs becomes Fungal Plank Fungal Plank

Tier 7 / Skill 20: Aqua Twigs Aqua Twigs becomes Aqua Plank Aqua Plank

Tier 8 / Skill 24: Bundle of Limbs Bundle of Limbs becomes Drywood Plank Drywood Plank

Tier 9 / Skill 27: Giant Fagot Giant Fagot becomes Frail Plank Frail Plank

Tier 10 / Skill 30: Crystalized Twigs Crystalized Twigs becomes Crystalized Plank Crystalized Plank

Tier 11 / Skill 34: Oak Log Oak Log becomes Oak Plank Oak Plank

Tier 12 / Skill 37: Petrified Log Petrified Log becomes Petrified Plank Petrified Plank

Tier 13 / Skill 41: Amber Log Amber Log becomes Amber Sealed Plank Amber Sealed Plank

Tier 14 / Skill 44: Lava Log Lava Log becomes Lavawood Plank Lavawood Plank

Tier 15 / Skill 48: Bacteria Branch Bacteria Branch becomes Bacterial Hardened Plank Bacterial Hardened Plank

Tier 16 / Skill 51: Jade Log Jade Log becomes Solid Jade Plank Solid Jade Plank

Tier 17 / Skill 55: Icey Birch Log Icey Birch Log becomes Icey Birch Plank Icey Birch Plank

Tier 18 / Skill 58: Stone Cacti Branch Stone Cacti Branch becomes Stone Cacti Plank Stone Cacti Plank

Tier 19 / Skill 61: Sporewood Sporewood becomes Sporewood Plank Sporewood Plank

Tier 20 / Skill 65: Striped Sunlog Striped Sunlog becomes Striped Sunlog Plank Striped Sunlog Plank

Tier 21 / Skill 68: Great Oak Stump1 Great Oak Stump becomes Great Oak Plank Great Oak Plank

Tier 22 / Skill 72: Echanted Magnolia Stump Echanted Magnolia Stump becomes Enchanted Magnolia Plank Enchanted Magnolia Plank

Tier 23 / Skill 75: Amethyst Tree Stump Amethyst Tree Stump becomes Wooden Amethyst Plank Wooden Amethyst Plank

Tier 24 / Skill 79: Giant Cherry Stump Giant Cherry Stump becomes Giant Cherry Plank Giant Cherry Plank

Tier 25 / Skill 82: Malachite Tree Stump Malachite Tree Stump becomes Malachite Plank Malachite Plank

Tier 26 / Skill 86: Heavenreach Stump Heavenreach Stump becomes Heavenreach Plank Heavenreach Plank

Tier 27 / Skill 89: Kettle Tree Stump Kettle Tree Stump becomes Kettle Tree Plank Kettle Tree Plank

Tier 28 / Skill 92: Deformed Shroom Stump Deformed Shroom Stump becomes Shroom Stem Plank Shroom Stem Plank

Tier 29 / Skill 96: Limbermill Stump Limbermill Stump becomes Limbermill Plank Limbermill Plank

Tier 30 / Skill 100: Fireheart Stump Fireheart Stump becomes Fireheart Plank Fireheart Plank

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