Woodcutting BasicsEdit

Woodcutting is a Resourcefulness skill available at character level 1, allowing you to obtain wood with a Wood Axe. After defeating a monster, click on the Wood Axe icon at the bottom of the screen to start the Woodcutting minigame. In this minigame, three pieces of wood move vertically up and down the screen at different speeds. You must throw the axe from the bottom left corner at each piece of wood. The axe moves in an arc, and can be thrown at different speeds, making this minigame a bit tricky. Once all three pieces of wood are hit, you obtain a piece or two of wood. Use a Planing Tool on the wood to create Planks (which also raises your Woodcutting skill), or use unprocessed with 3 ores, a forge and the Flameworking skill to make an ingot. Alternatively the wood can be used for crafting wooden items with the Fletching skill.

Nod wc cursor marker

Red arrow marks the location of your cursor, press space bar shortly after the wood crosses below your cursor.

Woodcutting RewardsEdit

Tier 1 / Skill 0: Rotting Twigs1 Rotting Twigs

Tier 2 / Skill 3: Dry Sticks Dry Sticks

Tier 3 / Skill 6: Blanched Twigs Blanched Twigs

Tier 4 / Skill 10: Mossy Twigs Mossy Twigs

Tier 5 / Skill 13: Sapling Bundles Sapling Bundle

Tier 6 / Skill 17: Fungal Twigs Fungal Twigs

Tier 7 / Skill 20: Aqua Twigs Aqua Twigs

Tier 8 / Skill 24: Bundle of Limbs Bundle of Limbs

Tier 9 / Skill 27: Giant Fagot Giant Fagot

Tier 10 / Skill 30: Crystalized Twigs Crystalized Twigs

Tier 11 / Skill 34: Oak Log Oak Log

Tier 12 / Skill 37: Petrified Log Petrified Log

Tier 13 / Skill 41: Amber Log Amber Log

Tier 14 / Skill 44: Lava Log Lava Log

Tier 15 / Skill 48: Bacteria Branch Bacteria Branch

Tier 16 / Skill 51: Jade Log Jade Log

Tier 17 / Skill 55: Icey Birch Log Icy Birch Log

Tier 18 / Skill 58: Stone Cacti Branch Stone Cacti Branch

Tier 19 / Skill 61: Sporewood Sporewood

Tier 20 / Skill 65: Striped Sunlog Striped Sunlog

Tier 21 / Skill 68: Great Oak Stump1 Great Oak Stump

Tier 22 / Skill 72: Echanted Magnolia Stump Enchanted Magnolia Stump

Tier 23 / Skill 75: Amethyst Tree Stump Amethyst Tree Stump

Tier 24 / Skill 79: Giant Cherry Stump Giant Cherry Stump

Tier 25 / Skill 82: Malachite Tree Stump Malachite Tree Stump

Tier 26 / Skill 86: Heavenreach Stump Heavenreach Stump

Tier 27 / Skill 89: Kettle Tree Stump Kettle Tree Stump

Tier 28 / Skill 92: Deformed Shroom Stump Deformed Shroom Stump

Tier 29 / Skill 96: Limbermill Stump Limbermill Stump

Tier 30 / Skill 100: Fireheart Stump Fireheart Stump

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